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Sunday, July 16, 2006

WOW. That's all I can say about the 45th Anniversary Reunion Committee. They are some special people. The entire four day event was top notch. THANKS TO EACH OF YOU.

I never fail to feel rejuvinated after attending the FHS Class of 1961 Reunions. I have heard many people say that their High School years were their worst years and they don't want to remember them. For me, they were the best of the best and I always want to remember them.

You know what? It wasn't "school" that's for sure. It wasn't even necessarily "what we did." It was and continues to be about the people. As the years have passed and the Reunions have come and gone, I have never failed to connect at a Reunion with someone from the Class that I didn't necessarily "know" while in school.

It is amazing to talk about the school days, but it is far more interesting, for me, to talk about the here and now and learn what great people were in our class that I didn't even know about. If not for these Reunions, I could have missed knowing so many wonderful classmates.

Now for a little musing .... a few matters of Class business:

WE NEED YOUR PICTURES. Please send me all post-reunion pictures you took so they can be posted on the Class Web Site for all to see (and download if they want). You can just dump them all to a CD and send it to me or you can Zip them and send to me as an attachment via email. Please don't think you took the same pictures as everyone else; the more the merrier. PLEASE.

WE NEED FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR THE CLASS WEB SITE. As most of you know, the Class web site was located on a free space provided by AOL. That's all well and good for the beginning but the address was near impossible for anyone to find, much less remember from visit to visit and the space was limited. As a result of the limited space, I had to put many of the pages on my personal server and that made for even more cumbersome addressing.

I have taken the liberty (and risk) of registering our own internet domain name and purchasing server space for one year. Our new Class web site can be found at: www.fhs1961.com

So much easier to find. I will now shift all of the pages and materials over to this new server and begin to work on a major formatting revision for a better appearance.

I have full faith and confidence that members of the Class of '61 will be willing to help me finance this worthwhile project. Am I right?

I need to recoup $395 for the initial year and we would need to continue to fund $395 for subsequent years. Volunteer donations would be an excellent way to pay for all this but you would have to put up with me constantly begging, ha.

I am seeking volunteers to agree to donate a set amount each year to maintain the fhs1961.com domain name and the web site server expenses ($35 per year for the name and $30 per month for server space.) I propose that the volunteer pledged funds be due and payable on the 4th of July each year; easy to remember in conjunction with the usual Reunion dates. Any amount would be great, say $20 to $30 per year? Please contact me if you are willing to help. Thanks in advance, I know you will.

Burr Brackeen is hoping to be able to receive enough "news" from those who attended the 45th Anniversary Reunion and other classmates unable to attend, to produce a "souvenir classmates update booklet." I hope YOU will submit some words and maybe a recent picture to Burr as soon as possible so this great idea can come to realization. Contact me and I will give you Burr's email and snail mail address. (I don't want to list them here for privacy and spam purposes.)

Now to wrap all this up with some personal words to use in said "update booklet" ....

Since the Reunion in 2001, I have retired and we have moved to Granbury, Texas. As I said a dozen times at the reunion, "don't ask me why?" Sandye is still working on her own company (Vaughn Technologies Unlimited) but is ready to sell the company and join me in retirement or strike out on another business venture?

We have a blended family of 5 children (and they have 5 spouses), we have 7 grandchildren (6 boys and 1 girl). They live in the San Diego area, Albuquerque, and Massachusetts. We moved on a lake in Texas with dreams of the grandchildren spending the summers with us and thus we get to see our adult children too. Alas, that was a pipe dream. Our children and their families have very busy lives as they live the American dream with their own families which means work, work, work.

So we bought a small RV (Class B motorhome "Leisure Travel") and we spend a lot of time traveling to see them. The boat sits idle and the house sits empty. "Why did we retire to Granbury, Texas", you ask? That IS a 64 Thousand Dollar question. Granbury will probably not be our final retirement home!

We are well, or as well as "senior citizens" can be. We have each had some medical bouts but for the most part, we have weathered them well and are healthy and happy.

Sandye spends her time after work, constantly decorating the house and pulling weeds from her flower gardens outside. I seem to work around the clock in the yard and have discovered that I have less free time in retirement than I did working up the corporate ladder; go figure?!?!

I (we) would love to hear from YOU and hope you will begin RIGHT NOW in planning to attend the Golden (50th) Anniversary Reunion of the Farmington High School GREAT Class of 1961. I am giving you a fresh 5 year advance notice so start making your plans now and excuses will no longer be accepted -- BE THERE.

Look for a snail mail letter soon begging for Web Site financial support. You are special people -- stay together. Tommie